2015 SDCC Exclusives: Hasbro


With so many exclusives and growing every year for San Diego Comic Con it’s getting harder and harder to keep track.  Here is my best attempt at Hasbro.  Like always, let me know what we missed.

Hasbro has two GI Joe exclusives this year.  One is technically Toy r Us I believe, that is why its picked up at Entertainment Earth’s booth.  Transformers can’t be left out and I think everyone this year will be on the hunt for Devastator.  Check out the details below.

G.I. Joe Crimson Strike

Available in the Hasbro Toy Shop booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Features the Cobra Scythe jet and the G.I. Joe Chimera. Includes Grunt, Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski, A.V.A.C. & Alley Viper Officer figures. Approximate Retail Price: $99.99.


G.I. Joe Desert Duel

Available from Toys “R” Us at the Entertainment Earth booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Features the F.O.E. Striker and the Cobra Basilisk. Includes Night Fox, Philip “Chuckles” Provost, Elite Horseman and Cobra Air Trooper. Approximate Retail Price: $59.99



The 18″ figure is decked out in all his G1 deco, vac metal glory and can break down into the six Constructicons. There’s no word yet on pricing, but just look at him.  No matter price, he will be bringing tears of joy and frustration.

CFj4vR4UUAAWoWt 11036641_833740520029477_8671873170819456713_n



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