Star Wars: The Force Awakens Legos Leaked?


The Star Wars Underworld posted a picture of a leaked photo of some potential Star Wars Legos for EPVII.  There might be spoilers, so be warned…..




Here we go. Ready?



The set is #75104 which is described as the “Lead Villain Vehicle”.   Lead Villain Vehicle, to me, would imply that this is this personal starship of Kylo Ren.  If we look close at the picture it looks more like instruction booklets rather than actual boxes.  Plus no picture of the mini figure?  The ship looks similar to the one seen in the second teaser trailer so its possible.



Maybe the wings fold different for flight or something?  As with any blurry leaked photo, people will always question. I guess we will have to wait until September 4th to find out.  As a Star Wars fan since childhood I can’t wait to step in these in the middle of the night.  What are your thoughts?















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