Ant-Man Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing


So we got our hands on Marvel and Funko’s second Collector Corp box for this month.  They have been savvy enough to release boxes to coincide with the release of their next blockbuster so this month’s theme was of course Ant-Man.  Although more expensive than most subscription box services, Marvel is every other month and they don’t kill you with “fluff”.  No offense Lootcrate, I love you guys but a lot of it ends up in my kids hands or the “what am I going to do with that crap?” pile.  I am curious to see what they plan to for August.  They hate the Fantastic Four and that’s the next “Marvel” movie on deck so don’t bet on that.  I still have one gripe though, bag and board your comic cheap skates!  My POP! box was dinged and I know how some people are anal about boxes, so heads up.  Over all I was pleased with box as a whole and continue to like their exclusive POPs! (Hulk buster and Unmasked Ant-Man).  So anyway, my video came out horrible so I included pictures at the end so try and stick it out.  I am still committed to opening the box with you and doing it only once.  I mean look at it, I can only get better.  I also threw in pictures of the other Ant-Man POPs! out there, like your regular Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket (which is my personal favorite).

(Fully aware the pin is flipped and unprofessional so use your imagination, it looks like the patch)

IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1378 IMG_1377


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