Pre-Order Now: Spider-Man : Homecoming POPS! & more


Funko showed these off at the You Fair last weekend and now they are up for pre-order.  I really love the Tony Stark POP!.  In case you missed it, it looks like Iron Man will be sporting some new armor.  Hopefully we will get a POP! version after the movie is released to go with the Dorbz and Plushie. 

Look for the arachnid teen Peter Parker as Hero Plushies, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes, Pop! Keychains, and Pop! Vinyl!

Pint Size Heroes 3-packs

Coming in May!

Hero Plushies

Coming in May!

Look for Spider-Man’s unmasked chase variant – a 1 in 6 rarity!

Coming in April!

Pocket Pop! Keychains

Coming in April!

Pop! Movies: Spider-Man Homecoming – Peter Parker

Pop! Movies: Spider-Man Homecoming – Vulture

Pop! Movies: Spider-Man Homecoming – Spider-Man

Pop! Movies: Spider-Man Homecoming – Spider-Man (Homemade Suit)

Pop! Movies: Spider-Man Homecoming – Tony Stark

Coming in April!

Other newly revealed POPS up for pre-order are Over Watch 2 and Wonder Woman.

Funko also announced their latest subscription box, Disney Treasures.  

Oh, and another thing, Star Wars in coming to Dorbz.  First offerings will be at the D23 Expo this summer.



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