Marvel Unlimited Plus Marvel Legends Tony Stark 6″ Revealed

After a few slow toy news days, we are finally getting a look at this year’s Marvel Unlimited member exclusive.  It looks like fans are finally getting a 6-in Tony Stark Marvel Legends figure.  All those other Marvel Legends in suits can finally rest at ease with the fact that they will not be customized into Tony Stark anymore.

In addition to the Tony Stark action figure, this year’s membership kit comes with the usual trio of three comic books with variant covers (Edge of Venomverse #1, Guardiands of the Galaxy Telltale Games #1, and Spider-Men II #1), two generic-looking Spider-Mana and Captain America head pins and a (badass Skottie Young) Thanos patch.

With everyone having a Tony Stark custom of Agent Colston with an alternate head, I don’t see this exclusive alone being the reason to sign up.  But a whole year of digital comic reading is definitely worth it. 

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