WTF: 30th Anniversary Voltron Jumbo Lion Figure


 Sometimes it seems like a product comes out that literally makes you think, “WTF?!”  The 30th Anniversary Voltron Jumbo Figure is one of those.  If you are like me (mid 30s), there is a good chance you know who Voltron is and might have even had the original.  For you youngsters, Voltron makes the Power Rangers look like band geeks.  So yes, its crazy thinking they are already celebrating 30 years.  Well for the 30th anniversary it looks like Toynami is giving Voltron the jumbo treatment.  I know jumbo figures are all the rage so I don’t fault the attempt.  In my opinion, they just cut too many corners. Check out the original Voltron and its box.  Notice how even back in the 80’s its made with “durable die-case quality”.

Original 1984 Matchbox Voltron figure

Original 1984 Matchbox Voltron figure

Original 1984 Matchbox Voltron package

Original 1984 Matchbox Voltron package

We all know we have come along way in toy making since the 80s, so why go vinyl?  There is also lack of detail.  I guess when they aren’t combined to form Voltron, they have to roll around like logs to get around.  They have no legs that I can see.  Like humans, they must have evolved over the past 30 years and lost their tails.

Now here we come to the part of the equation, mind = blown.  Most retailers are asking $250 for this.  You read that right.  To me its kind of an insult to us collectors.  Yes, your target audience is now adults and they have that kind of money to spend on their collectibles.  But they are also old and smart enough to know better.  Why pay $250 for 24 inches of vinyl when you could spend $25 less and get this beauty in die-cast metal?


To me if you want to commemorate 30 years of Voltron this is the way to go.  Sure, this Voltron die-cast is only 11 inches tall, but it lights up and makes some noise too.   This is by far the winner and the Jumbo in my opinion, is a pass.  What do you think about Toynami’s Jumbo Voltron?  Too much?

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