Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends Package Images



MFCT Marvel、DC、星際大戰 情報&客製化 posted some images on Facebook of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Legends in package.  If you are wondering why the Vulture looks so naked, his wings are the BAF.  I would imagine that this wave will be popping up for pre-order at online retailers soon.  This wave is seven figures and Hasbro cases are eight, so we can expect a double in the case.  Word on the street it is the obvious guess of Spider-Man being the extra.   (more…)

NECA Club x Alien First Pack-In Bonus Revealed


I am on board with NECA’s new Club x Alien.  They revealed their first exclusive club bonus today, and they did not disappoint.  It is a 6 piece 3-D pop-up diorama.  You can check out part of their email blast below.  NECA also announced their International Club x Alien plans, as well as the answers for some other FAQs.  You can check them all over at necastore.com.  There you can also order Series 11 to get in on all the club action. (more…)

NECA Toy Fair Reveals up for Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth


A bunch of NECA’s Toy Fair reveals have been popping up online the past few days and now they are up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.  I am definitely going to have to sell a kid or take out a second mortgage to acquire all the greatness.  I kid of course, one I already have on pre-order is the Batman vs Alien 2-pack.  It’s two of my favorite franchises smushed together, I can’t wait.  While not revealed at Toy Fair, Leonardo will be joining the gang soon.  I am going to have to get on the ball on this collection before Donnie and Raph start drying up.   (more…)

Pre-Order Now: NECA Alien: Covenant Figures & more!!



NECA revealed their Alien: Covenant action figure breakdown, minus pictures.  Images of the new film are under embargo and cannot be released until after the movie release.  But, knowing NECA’s reputation with the Aliens liscense, rest easy and get your pre-order in.  This series is going to be awesome.  Check out everything from Alien Covenant from NECA up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Spider-Man : Homecoming POPS! & more


Funko showed these off at the You Fair last weekend and now they are up for pre-order.  I really love the Tony Stark POP!.  In case you missed it, it looks like Iron Man will be sporting some new armor.  Hopefully we will get a POP! version after the movie is released to go with the Dorbz and Plushie.  (more…)