Aliens 30th Anniversary Ripley and Newt Deluxe Action Figure 2-Pack


For everyone who couldn’t make it to SDCC this year and was butt hurt you missed out on Newt, here is your second chance.  NECA was kind enough to offer a Ripley and Newt 2-pack.  I really want to thank NECA for this one.  A lot goes into negotiating licensing rights and what nots.  Randy over at NECA goes above and beyond.  Whenever there is buzz on social media about an exclusive being hot, he immediately looks for ways to get it to more collectors and fans.   (more…)

Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Legends Captain America: Civil War 4-pack

We don’t know much details yet as far as retail and release date, but we do know it will be a Disney Store exclusive.  The Marvel Legends 6″ Scale Captain America: Civil War 4-Pack has shown up on Ebay. (more…)

Why You Not Doing Posts!?!?!

Many of you guys got worried and concerned when they stopped seeing new post and the eBay store goes on what seems like perminate vacation.

In case you didnt know, I run this toy stuff after the kids are fed, clean, and in bed.  I was a stay at home parent.  Once upon a time I worked as an energy executive before taking a lay off package and staying home with new born.  I am currently in Houston with the wife and kids.  I just got an offer I can’t refuse to get back to working.  One problem, its in Seattle.  I have been spending a lot of focus on making that work.  I already drove up with my stuff and I start on Monday.  We will split time until if/when my wife gets a job there or not.  Give us another week or so and we hope to be settled into a new routine by then.

To our eBay buyers, thank to so much for your patience and understanding.  I was planning on moving all the toys and stuff up with me so i could continue selling.  Well the moving company told me when they were picking up that it could take a minimum of 21 days to get there.  You can still secure your purchase from our store in the meantime.  There might be some stuff going up that I have in hand right now.  All new product is shipping to Seattle now, but until get everything back in one place the vacation status will stay up.