POP! Television: Saved by the Bell!

I know I am going to age myself on this one, but Saved by the Bell was on every afternoon in our house after school growing up.  I learned so many life lessons from Zack and the gang.  Jesse taught me that no matter the pressure , caffeine pills are not the answer.  I learned that even your Hollywood idol is susceptible to pot.  Zack taught me how to pick up homeless girls at the mall and to not get buzzed, crash dad’s car and cover it up.  But most important, when you are one credit shy of graduating, your true friends will step up to the plate and put on tights to help save the day.  And who can forget the Zack Attack?  Well, Funko is bringing preppy and the gang to POP! form, brick cell phone and all.  You never know fellas, we might get a Showgirls Jesse Spano Convention Exclusive down the line.

Zack Morris


Kelly Kapowski


A.C. Slater


Jessie Spano


Lisa Turtle


Samuel “Screech” Powers


Hey! Hey! Hey! What is going on here?! No Mr. Belding?!


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