G.I. Joe POPS!: BAIT Exclusives

These were on display at NYCC earlier this month and now they are available to order.  I am a big fan of G.I. Joe and POP! so I would imagine I will be adding these to my growing POP! collection sooner or later.  A big thanks to Anthony over at Comicsheatingup.net for snapping these photos for me.

IMG_2733 IMG_2734

I will probably be starting with my favorite, Snake Eyes.  The BAIT Exclusives consist of Cobra Commander, a Hooded Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Roadblock, and Snake Eyes.  I believe these are the first G.I. Joe POPS! by Funko and sure hope they are not the last.  Funko has been putting out some really great POPS! recently that are bringing me back to my childhood, like Voltron.  You can order here and check out the images below.

cobracommander hooded cobra stormshadow roadblock snakeeyes


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