Retired POPS! & Other Funko Products

I just got a list of items Funko plans on retiring.  We all know that stuff comes out of retirement if the demand is right.  Just look how they are reissuing Star Wars POPS!.  The first runs are still more desirable became they usually change the box slightly when reissuing.  I believe the Star Wars POPS! that come out of retirement have black behind the wording instead of the original blue.  Below is the list.  It’s a long one so make sure you grab a cup of coffee before digging in.  A lot are showing out of stock so be on the lookout at your LCS.  If it is in stock, the levels are low.  Remember, once they are gone they’re gone for good.

POP! Games: Little Big Planet – Sackboy

My Little Pony: Spit Fire Vinyl Figure

POP! Movies: Evil Dead – Deadite

POP! TV: Arrested Development – Gob Bluth

Reaction: Arrow – Dark Archer

Wacky Wobbler: Ted Talking

POP! TV: Arrested Development – Buster Bluth

Reaction: Pulp Fiction – Mia Wallace

POP! Movies: Kill Bill – Gogo Yubari

POP! TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Oz

Wacky Wobbler: TMNT – Splinter

POP! WWE: Daniel Bryan

POP Movies: 16 Candles – Long Duk Dong

POP Games: MTG Series 2 – 6”Nicol Bolas

POP! TV: AHS Season 3 – Marie Laveau

POP! Movies: The Big Lebowski – Walter

POP! TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Gentlemen

Reaction: Pulp Fiction – The Gimp

Wacky Wobbler: TMNT – Shredder

POP! Movies: 16 Candles – Samantha Baker

POP! My Little Pony: Discord 6″

Wacky Wobbler: Ant-Man

POP! Games: MTG – Garruk Wildspeaker

POP! My Little Pony: Dr Hooves

POP! WWE: Triple H

Wacky Wobblers: The Big Lebowski – The Dude Talking

POP! Games: MTG – Ajani Goldmane

POP! TV: TWD – RV Walker

POP! Marvel: GOTG – Yondu

POP! Games: MTG – Chandra Nalaar

POP! TV: AHS Season 3 Fiona Goode

Dorbz: GOTG – Ronan

POP! TV: Hannibal – Will Graham Straitjacket

Legacy: Firefly – Zoe Washburne

POP! TV: Vikings – Floki

POP! Rides: Breaking Bad – The Crystal Ship

POP! Disney: The Princess & The Frog – Dr. Facilier

Reaction: Goonies – Mikey

Dorbz: GOTG – Drax

POP! TV: Arrested Development – George Bluth

POP! Games: MTG Series 2 – Kiora Atua

Legacy: The Fantastic Mr. Fox – Mr. Fox

POP! TV: True Blood – Bill Compton

POP! Movies: Talladega Nights – Jean Girard

Reaction: Buffy – Willow

POP! TV: Vikings – Lagertha

POP! Games: MTG Series 2 – Gideon Jura

POP! Disney: The Princess & The Frog – Louis the Alligator

POP! Movies: Kill Bill – Crazy 88

Reaction: Buffy – Oz

Dorbz: GOTG – Nebula

POP! TV: TWD Bicycle Girl Zombie

Dorbz: GOTG – Yondu

Wacky Wobbler: Ant-Man – Yellowjacket

Dorbz: GOTG – The Collector

POP! TV: Breaking Bad – Saul Goodman


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