Presidential Candidate POPS!


Disclaimer: We are not pro-Republican or Pro-Democrate, we are supporting who ever we feel can get the job done.  Well it looks like Funko knows who is going to win the GOP nomination by only making a Donald Trump POP!.  They did a pretty good job nailing the comb over.  I guess the Democratic race is tighter as we get Hillary and Bernie Sanders.  No, the Bernie Sanders POP! is not free.  Funko is also releasing some GPK Vinyl Figures and I am liking the Billary Hillary one.  Funko was getting a little heat about this on the Twitter machine but that is expected when dealing with politics.  Funko really does make POP! vinyl figures for everything.  Check them all out below.

Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton


Bernie Sanders


Billary Hillary GPK Vinyl Figure


Donald Dumpty GPK Vinyl Figure


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