Your Gift From Funko Is On Its Way!!


If you are a loyal subscriber to any of Funko’s three subscription boxes you probably got an email that reads something like this:

During the holiday season, we’re taking time to be thankful for our amazing fans and Funko family, and that includes you!  To thank you, we’re going to be sending a gift your way.

As a loyal subscriber, you’re familiar with at least one of our Powered by Funko subscription services.  We’d like to thank you for that loyalty by gifting you a box from one of our other services.  Which box will you get?  It’s a mystery, but if you enjoy it, we hope you’ll consider subscribing!

If you get all three, like me, Funko will just pick one at random.  I checked my account and it looks like I am getting a DC box.  If it is this month’s or a past month’s box, I will have to wait and see.  

Did you get an email about getting a gift from Funko?  If so, what box do you expect to get?


  1. I subscribe to Smugglers Bounty and they sent me the Marvel collectors corp box, Guardians of the Galaxy. Has a two pack of smaller pops Groot and Rocket, the usual patch and pin under the lid, a mug, a nice scarf, and a comic.


  2. I subscribe to Marvel and Star Wars. My loyalty box was the Secret Wars box that I got months ago. Would have been nice to try the DC box.


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