DIY: 1:12 Scale Chemical Barrel/Drum

I have been starting to slowly make my own dioramas pieces to help improve my toy photos.  One of the easy ones to start with are chemical drums or barrels or whatever.  Like an idiot, I got so wrapped up I forgot to take pictures of most of the process.

Dollar Tree couldn’t have made our lives easier by providing us the perfect template.  I hear they are hard to come by but had no problem gettin 10.  I mean for a dollar why not stock.  Like the guy from Robocop, “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

After unwrapping them, make sure you wipe whatever slime leaked out.  You get what you pay for, most of mine had slime leaking out.  After you unwrap and peel the sticker off take an exacto or whatever and trim the tab off the top.  

The next step is crucial.  Sand all the writing off and while you’re at it sand it all.  The paint won’t stick other wise.  Once it’s all sanded painted it matte black, or what ever color you want.  

At this point it’s up to you how you want to go from here.  This time I went write a rusted weathered look.  I accomplished this by just mixing some acrylic paints until I got the desired result.  For these it was brick red, orange, yellow, and brown.  I then just let my Bob Ross juices flow and made happy little rust spots with a small spounge brush.

The labels were just printed from google images.  This is the link for the signs I used.  I just cut them all out and saved the extras for next time.  

I just used an elmers glue stick to glue them on so nothing crazy there.

Hopefully I can get around to doing DYI post.  I think I’m working with the foam board next.

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