First Look: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Toys (Yahoo Entertainment Exclusive)

Yahoo Entertainment is giving fans their first look at the toys from the highly anticipated Pacific Rim sequel.  We plan on getting some photos of the figures in person this weekend at NYCC so check back for updates.  You can check out an excerpt from the article below and read the whole thing with more pictures here.

The first three Jaegers out of the gate are Gipsy Avenger (the model commanded by star John Boyega), Bracer Phoenix, and Saber Athena. Produced by Diamond Select Toys, the approximately 7-inch action figures will be on display later this week at New York Comic Con to coincide with the release of a longer Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer that will presumably show the robotic warriors trying to save the planet from interdimensional monsters known as Kaiju.

Diamond Select will produce two versions of each Jaeger: a $24.99 deluxe model with interchangeable parts and accessories and fancier packaging, which will be sold at specialty shops and online retailers, and a “streamlined” $19.99 edition to be sold at Toys “R” Us. The toy line, to be released next spring, will also include the Uprising Jaegers Titan Redeemer and Guardian Bravo, as well as previous-gen models from the original film and, of course, a selection of Kaiju.

Gipsy Avenger

Bracer Phoenix

 Saber Athena

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