Get an up close look at Imaginext’s 2017 NYCC exclusive Batbot

Mattel was nice enough to give me a chance to get an up close look at Imaginext’s Batbot along with the chance to ask the creative team a few questions.  Being a huge fan of Greg Cappullo’s work with Batman, their use of “Super Heavy” as inspiration was the first question out of my mouth.  In addition to being fans of him themselves, they said the Batbot was just the perfect fit for their next Batman play set.  

Their respect for his work can been seen in the paint on the exclsive.  The paint was painstaking mixed and made to match the Batbot from the comic exactly.  There are other nods to Capullo in the exclusive like the red trim in his belt and the white trim in the wrists and ankles.  Details not featured in the regular retail version.

I asked how long something like this takes to go from concept to the final product we were looking at today.  They said, for a regular project of this magnitude from start to finish is around 8 to 12 months.  This Batbot was a unique case because it was built off the regular Batbot currently on shelves at most big boxes.  This is good news for those wanting to grab this play set for their kids.  Minus the bad to the bone paint job, awesome packaging, and limited number on the exclusive, they both come with all the same features.  To check out all those features in action check out some of the video. (Still working on uploading)

Speaking of packaging the artwork on the outside is amazing.  As great as the outside looks, the lights and artwork inside really bring everything together.  Most companies these days forget one of the important ‘P’s in marketing is packaging. (The others are product, price and placement) 

Another thing the creatures of Imaginext do is utilize the whole play set.  As awesome as the Batbot looks from the outside, just as much detail was put into the backside.  Since the Batbot doesn’t have a cape there are plenty of opportunities for added play spaces.  

From the jail in the heal to the elevator front he chest to the head there is no dead space in this figure.  I especially love the spring loaded Barcycle in the boot.  

Kids are going to love this play set so if you missed out on the lottery there is still hope. Attendees will have a shot at 10 on a first come first served basis.  They will also raffle one off for each of the two remaining days of NYCC.  All you have to do is swing by their booth and snap a photo and post it on instagram with the hashtag imaginexynycc and tag them @imaginext.

I want to say thanks again to all the guys and gals for taking the time to answer my questions and show me all the details of the Batbot.  It was a great set and a lot of fun. 

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