NYCC: Playmobil 

One of my favorite toy brands since forever is Playmobil.  I played with them as a kid and now my kids are following my footsteps and doing the same.  They offer a wide variety of play sets and figures for every interest group.  From princess to cowboys and everything in between, Playmobil has you covered.  Just recently Playmobil has been starting to explore licensed products such as Ghostbusters and How to Train You’re Dragon.  They had all those sets and a few sneak peeks of things to come this past weekend at NYCC.

They revealed part of their upcoming Ghostbusters figures and vehicles for 2018.  They literally just got the figures in time for the show so these are literally one of the first looks.  The new figures will also include upgraded traps that will display a holographic ghost when used with special mobile app.  I cant wait to see that concept in action. Check them out below and apologies for some of the low quality photos.

And in a total idiot move I neglected to get pictures of the stuff on display that is actually available.  On display were the previously released Ghostbusters sets with the firehouse that fits the Ecto-1 in the garage, Slimer with hot dog stand, and good ole Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man.  For How to Train Your Dragon they had  the entire Berk playset as well as lots of light up dragons that spit sparks.  As soon as there is more information on their upcoming 2018 Ghostbusters releases we will be sure to pass it along, so check back for updates.

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