Coming Soon: Deadpool POP! Exclusives

Here is the moment you have been waiting for.  The new Deadpool POPS! have been revealed.  Our friends over at let us in on the 7-11 exclusive a few months back, and now we know what it looks like.  From Funko’s blog:.

Deadpool in Mermaid outfit can be found
at Target – two different versions!

Deadpool Cheerleader is available at BoxLunch

At FYE look for Deadpool King!

Deadpool in chicken suit can be found at Amazon!

Samurai Deadpool is available at GameStop!

Deadpool with Chimichanga is available at 7-Eleven!

Deadpool Panda is available at Hot Topic!
Look for the flocked chase!

Collect them all this Summer!

Deadpool 2 arrives in theatres May 18 and tickets are on sale now!  Plus, Fandango is offering a free poster by Rob Liefeld.

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