New South Park POPS! Are Coming Soon

Glad to see some more of the South Park gang getting the POP! treatment from Funko.  You can pre-order them at Entertainment Earth now, and be sure to look out for a couple of cool store exclusives.

Straight from Colorado, this series features StanKyle, Professor Chaos, Terrance and Phillip!

Look for the Terrance and Phillip chase variant, both holding a Canadian flag – A rarity of 1-in-6! (more…)

New Ren & Stimpy and South Park POPS!

I don’t watch South Park as much after having kids, but I am surprised Funko took this long.  The massively popular animated show South Park
is coming to Pop! vinyl!  This series features the morally-questionable Cartman, naïve Butters,
tiny Canadian Ike Broflovski, and the vigilante Mysterion!

You can also collect Zombie Kenny, available exclusively at Hot Topic! (more…)