LEGO Friends Central Perk Set Sold Out Online

Everyone loves the sitcom Friends and fans are showing interest in the show isn’t waning. The new Central Perk Lego set is sold out online and fetching more then retail on the secondary market.

The Friends Central Perk set currently has listings on eBay from $99-$249. Most sets are selling in the $99-$110 range.

I usually have patience for new toys and it does say “temporarily out of stock”, implying more are on the way. Then again, it is Lego so you never know.


Inside the Toy Box: Issue One

Each week Inside the Toy Box brings you the week’s top sellers and trends, new pre-orders, and other toy news from the week.

Queue The Rembrandts I’ll Be There for You, the full lineup of Friends POP! Vinyls went up for pre-order this week. The Futurama Bender Convention Exclusive is also available at Hot Topic for a regular price. This might be a good flip idea as demand still seems to be there. (more…)