Pre-Order Now! Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends- Entertainment Earth Exclusive


This set was announced at SDCC last year and is based on the comic book versions of our cosmic heroes. There is no build a figure. There is no hunting them down at various big box stores. They all are sold together in a pretty display box and they can only be picked up here (or be at the mercy of eBay and/or Amazon).

 Pre-order now and get in on the first wave because with an exclusive like this, it could be one and done. If you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy or the Marvel Legends line, don’t wait.

Star-Lord is a reissue of his 2014 SDCC exclusive from the Thanos Box Set. This is you second chance to grab him if you missed the first go round. Rocket is a reissue of the BAF from 2013 that never made it to retail and was only sold online. This made this one hard to get for some. Groot looks like the BAF version but with new head sculpt. Drax is roided out on their larger sculpt this time, i.e. Hyperion. And look, there’s a baby Groot. Expect to pay $120. That works out to $24 per figure. Not to bad for an exclusive that might not be around again.

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Your favorite heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy are here in 6-inch scale, with fantastic accessories and more firepower than you can shake a stick at! Bring home the exclusive of the year with this Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Edition Marvel Legends Action Figure Box Set from Hasbro that includes 5 awesome figures in costumes you won’t find anywhere else… and a bonus baby Groot. Plus, the fifth-panel display box lets you see all your figures and gear without having to open the box!

Set includes:



Drax the Destroyer

Rocket Raccoon


With amazing detail and the astonishing articulation you’ve come to expect from Marvel Legends, this box set lets you bring home the entire crew in one go. From tiny Baby Groot to the giant first-ever comic book version of Groot, this collection is sure to turn heads and delight fans!  Get more information at Entertainment Earth.




  1. Wow! This set looks like just a bunch of re-issues of a combination of past Guardians figures from the pic. I may be wrong as I only have the Movie version set, but the Groot body looks to be the same as the BAF Groot except the head is different (which looks awesome on this one) The only one I’m thinking looks unique to me is Gamora. She definately looks to be 100 times better than the movie legends version. Am I right that there’s just tons of reuse in this exclusive set?


    1. You are right it has some reissues like rocket (sdcc 2013 baf was sold online never made it to retail) and star lord l(2014 sdcc) groot is the baf with new head. Gamora is new. They are based on the comic book versions.

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      1. The Gamora I wouldn’t mind buying. I like the look of the movie version, namely because I display all my figures at work, so I have to be careful of the female ones I buy so I don’t offend anybody, but this one I could get since her poncho can be used to cover up the innappropriate stuff. I like the comic version of Rocket a lot better, but I like the movie star-lord more. The comic one to me, just doesn’t have enough definition that makes him stand out. In my head, I just keep thinking that’s what a 70’s version Nova outfit would have been. No idea why though.


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