New York Toy Fair Marvel Legends Promo Photos

Some of these have been floating around the internet earlier this week but here is a round up if the Marvel Legends revealed at the New York Toy Fair today. (more…)


A Better Look at Funko’s Avengers: Infinity War POPS!

After the package photo leaked s few weeks back, more and more pics of Funko’s Avengers: Infinity POPS! have been showing up online. We grabbed a few and posted them below and will be adding more are we come across them. (more…)

Spotted in the Wild: Shuri & Klaw Marvel Legends 2-Pack Toys R Us Exclusive

These were just released and have already been spotted on shelves. This Toys R Us exclusive 2 pack features comic versions of Klaw and Shuri. They are already popping up on eBay for way over retail. As always, be patient and you’ll get one sooner or later for retail. (more…)

Spoilers: Marvel Collector Corps Hulk POP! (again)

So Funko revealed their Hulk POP! A few weeks back but now we have a video with the actual POP! Itself. There is still time to grab this box. It closes tonight at midnight. You can get it here and check out the video below. As always, spoilers ahead.