Unboxed: Super Dough Do It Yourself


Super Dough Do It Yourself is looking to take a chunk out of the Play-Doh market.  The great thing about having four kids is you have your own in house focus group and beta testers.  For this latest project, I enlisted our nine year old.  Just like Play-Doh, get the fact out of your head that Michaelangelo modeled the ones for the box and yours aren’t going to come even close.  Although more “airy” and more comparable to the old school “sticky tac” used to hang your original TMNT poster, you will still end up with one big brown piece if you are not careful.  

  The frustration level with my nine year old was high, as you can tell my the unfinished figures.

IMG_1155 IMG_1154 IMG_1153

With out words the instructions are pretty clear and straight forward.  For a few sets you might have to mix to colors to create a new one.  Just like Play-Doh the mixing of colors is easy, too easy.  When constructing the vehicles and figures, measure twice and lay once.  Once you put two pieces together its a done deal.  This is where the frustration level peaked with my child and we ended with at black blob.

The figures are simpler but like I said, get it out of your head you are recreating the box.  Even following the instructions the Joker slumped while I was waiting for him to harden.  IMG_1496

Thats right, once left untouched it will “dry” into a pretty perminate position leaving you with a keepsake from your hard work.  It says if it drys out while working you can add water just like Play Doh.  While this is true, there is a point of no return to which rehydration is a wasted messy effort.

It is more forgiving on carpet and fabrics than Play-Doh so it gets my stamp of approval right there.  Although it shares many of the same frustrating characteristics as Play Doh, I find this to be a better alternative.  I like the fact that if you are skilled enough to get a result you are happy with, it will stand the test of time.  Our poor Joker is still droopy but together.


Right now Super Dough is limited to DC but I am sure other properties are in the works.  Check them all out below.




Green Lantern





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