Hot Pre-Order: “Batman v Superman…” Statues from DC Collectibles.



Of course with comic con kicking off in San Diego everyone’s feeds from everywhere are going to be on overload.  Mine is no different.  I am just going to stop tracking prices on eBay and Amazon, we all know that is a fool’s game.  However, these statues did catch my eye and are worth taking a look at for one reason.  They are also up for pre-order! We get a good long lasting look at the Bat Armor in detail thanks to this set of 12 inch statues from DC Collectibles.  I can only imagine what he has up those armored sleeves to deal with Superman.  The set will be on display in San Diego, available now for pre-order and due to be delivered January of 2016.  You get two versions of the Caped Crusader and one of the Man of Steel  and rumor has it they will set you back $150 each.  That isn’t a bad price considering the cost of statues these days.  Each statue depicts a scene from the movie due out in the spring.

IMG_1504 IMG_1503 IMG_1502


Also a big thanks to our friends at CinemaBlend for the pictures from the actual costumes from the movie Warner Bros has displayed.


We will keep you up to date with pre-ordering info as soon as we get it


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