Think Outside the Toy Box: Descendants Dolls


The Descendants premiered this past weekend on the Disney Channel and of course it was an instant hit with young girls and tweens.  I have three daughters myself so I was stuck there watching it with you.  We were only a few minutes into the movie and I knew exactly what Disney was up to.  Disney just introduced us to a whole new generation of Disney characters.  Yes, all the fairy tale princes and princesses, evil queens and fairy god mothers we all grew up with had kids.  This movie (which is one of what is to be many) follows the lives if their well, descendants.

Not to give away too much but the basic plot is this.  A while back, the evil doers were exiled to an island.  Well some prince in line to be king wants to change that and give the evil doers’ kids a chance at good.  Well the plot twist and turns from there so you’ll actually have to watch it for the rest of the  details.

Of course to commentate the occasion, Disney is making a line of Descendants “Barbie-style” dolls.  This time rather than get Mattel to handle doll duty, Disney is going with Hasbro.  Could this have something to do with the Marvel/Hasbro relationship and Disney trying to phase everything over to one company, then buy that company?  Im kidding but I wouldn’t put it past them, they are slowly taking over the world.

They are going all out and it looks like there are quite a few dolls on the initial wave.  Like I said, they introduced us to a whole new generation of characters.  There is two (or three) different versions of each character, their signature look as well as their coronation outfit.

These are not due out until September but I have a feeling we will be seeing them sooner than that.  Hasbro has a good reputation of under promising and over delivering when it comes to delivery dates. Now here is the useful information that will help you think outside the toy box.  It is the case break down.  This will let you know what its out there and in what amounts.   Up front disclaimer, I do not have the villains signature look case breakdown.  Carlos, Jay, and Mal’s signature look are Disney Store Exclusives.  Not to worry, you can still get Carlos’s signature look in the Evie & Carlos 2-pack listed in the case break down.  It also looks like this two-pack is also the only way to get Evie in her signature look.  Still with me?  You need the Disney exclusive two pack of Ben and Mal to score Ben in his signature look.  Another disclaimer, it looks like when googling images I see various outfits.  It looks like an “Island if the Lost” series and what store exclusive they are I am not sure yet.  When I know, you will know.

First up Disney Store Exclusives

Ben & Mal (Maleficent’s daughter Mal is paired with Ben, son of Beauty and the Beast in this Disney Store Exclusive Descendants doll set.)


Mal  (Maleficent’s fashionable teenage daughter)



Jay (son of Jafar)



Carlos (Cruella De Vil’s son has clearly inherited his mother’s sense of style)



The following you can expect to find at your big box retailers.  The case break down will help you to think outside the toy box.  It will give you an idea of what is out there and how many so you can plan your plan your hunt accordingly.

Lets start with the 2-Pack Wave 1 Case:

Evie & Carlos (x1)

Mal & Ben (x2)



Auradon Signature Dolls Wave 1

Audrey (x1)

Lonnie (x1)

Jane (x2)
















Auradon Signature Dolls Wave 1 Revision 1

Ben (x1)(Same Ben as from 2-pk)

Jane (x2)

Lonnie (x1)

So what we see is that Jane’s signature look will be pretty abundant and Ben’s not so much.  Evie’s signature look seems to be the rarest so far as she can only be had in the 2-pk.



Aurodon Coronation Dolls Wave 1

Audrey (x1)

Jane (x2)

Lonnie (x1)
















Villain Coronation Dolls Wave 1

Mal (x2)

Evie (x2)















Some of the Disney Store Exclusives are available now.  I wouldn’t imagine the others being far behind.  You can still pre-&oder even though Hasbro is says they won’t be here until September.


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