Get ’em While They’re Hot: Marvel Select Ant-Man Disney Store Exclusive

unmasked antman package

This is a prime example of making some easy money or getting yourself something for your collection for a deep discount.  The Marvel Select Ant-Man figure is out and it looks like there is a good bit of demand for it, especially The Disney Store Exclusive.  The exclusive is already going on eBay for upwards of $45.  I always find it funny when its still readily available at for $24.99 plus shipping and tax.  After it was all said and done you virtually walk out only spending around $32 for 1 or $63 for 2.  Remember totals will be different as tax and delivery aren’t the same for everyone every where.

If you don’t like the look of Paul Rudd’s face you can get the regular Marvel Select Ant-Man with the non removable helmet.  This one is more readily available, but it too is selling out fast at the retail level.   Even though the Marvel Legends version comes with an Ultron BAF part, this one is a better bang for your buck.  Only downside is unlike most Marvel Select figures this one does not come with a cool base.

Larger images of both versions are below.

unmasked antman package unmasked antman antman



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