Inside the Toy Box: Issue Six


Inside the Toy Box sums up the past week’s toy news, top sellers, trends, pre-orders and any other great happenings in the world of toys and pop culture.

Nothing really new for Star Wars came out.  We mentioned earlier that if you are looking for the 3 3/4-inch Black Series they are only at Walmart.  ArtFx also has a pretty sweet set of Stormtoopers up for pre-order.

I also like these Egg Attack Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper figures.


McFarlane had a few things go up this past week, Halo Series 2 and The Walking Dead TV Series 9.

Halo breakdown:

3x Spartan Buck
2x Spartan Hermes
2x Spartan Helljumper
1x Spartan Athlon

Walking Dead Series 9 Breakdown (back to short packing):


3x Grave Digger Daryl Dixon (dirt version)
2x Beth Greene
1x T-Dog
1x Water Walker
3x Constable Michonne

McFarlane is adding Game of Thrones to his construction sets with the Iron Throne Room, a Banner Pack, and a series of mini-figures to get started.




The Marvel Legends Hulkbuster BAF wave keeps coming in and out of stock.  If you have not already, pre-order and get in line.  This one of the stronger Marvel Legends Series and is steadily doing well on eBay.

All four turtles are finally up for pre-order for this sweet statue set by James Jean.  We also get the leader of the gang in detail 1/6 sale for the first time thanks to Mondo.


Some POPS! are going in and coming out of the vault.  Going in are Thundercats Cheetara, Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, Bambi, Flower, Mowgli from the Jungle Book, Felix from Wreck-it Ralph, TMNT Foot Soldier, GOT Hodor, and X-men’s Mystique.  Obi-Wan is coming out just in time to join the rest of the Star Wars bunch.


Finally the best of the bunch.  This is hands down one of the best looking figures out there.  Easy & Simple gives a true life like look and feel with this American Hero, Chris Kyle action figure.


Entertainment Earth’s daily sales this week:

September 18 Daily Deal: Funko Frozen Get 25% off Pop! Vinyl Figures

September 19 Daily Deal: Star WarsGet 35% off Umbrellas

September 20 Daily Deal: SNLGet 30% off Bif Bang Pow! Collectibles

September 21 Daily Deal: The Big Bang TheoryGet 20% off Action Figures

September 22 Daily Deal: Legends of ChimaGet 30% off LEGO Construction Sets



Whew, thats it for now.


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