The Nightmare Before Christmas

We are not actually talking about the nightmare before Christmas that is Black Friday.  We are talking about the actual cult classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas but Tim Burton.  This movie has a huge following by adults and kids alike.  Diamond Select keeps in mind the four “P”s in marketing by not only doing really nice work with their figures (product), but the packaging and the price as well.  (The fourth “P” is placement)  I have already spotted Series 1 and the Coffin 2-Pack at my local comic shop, so they are arriving just in time for Halloween.  The Pumpkin King Jack just went up, and comes in coffin packaging that we all love.  Unfortunately, these will not be arriving until next year but get your pre-orders in.  The figures in the coffin packaging always do well as the coffin makes for a great display.

Nightmare Before Christmas Series 1 (Not in Coffin, on deck & hitting shelves as we speak)

Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie


Pumpkin King Jack (May 2016)


Jack & Sally Coffin 2-Pack (On deck & hitting shelves as we speak)


Christmas Jack in Coffin (single figure, November 2015)


Christmas Sally in Coffin (single figure, December 2015)


Christmas Jack in Pajamas in Coffin (February 2016)


All Nightmare Before Christmas Action Figures

All Diamond Select Action Figures


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