Hot off the Truck

Hot Off the Truck: Diamond Select Muppets Multi-Pack Series 1


It’s time to meet the Muppets! The Muppets are hotter than ever, and now they’re getting their very own action figure line! Each figure is in the Select action figure scale, and ranges from 2 to 6-inches tall, with multiple points of articulation. Each multi-pack comes in the famous display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for easy shelf reference.  The first series includes: (more…)

Hot Off the Truck: The Big Bang Theory 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Series 1


I am not a fan of the retro figures with cloth outfits that many toy makers seem to be doing.  What I am a fan of is the retro 3 3/4-inch figures with limited articulation, like ReAction for instance.  “Whats old is new”, is the old saying.  Heck, Hasbro has even gone simpler with the 3 3/4-inch EVPII figures.  They are selling well so I think they might be on to something.  I am not just talking Star Wars.  Reaction has plenty of licenses that continually do well and sell out.  Back to the Future, Goonies, and Terminator just to name a few.   (more…)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We are not actually talking about the nightmare before Christmas that is Black Friday.  We are talking about the actual cult classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas but Tim Burton.  This movie has a huge following by adults and kids alike. (more…)

Hot off the Truck: Marvel Infinite Series Wave 7


I know what you are thinking.  Why are we mentioning wave 7 of the very common infinte series as being “hot off the truck”?  Well, its because there is a new Deadpool figure in it.  Deadpool figures are not very common, and they are better then gold or oil as far as holding value.  The case break down is even so Hasbro isn’t short packing him this time. (more…)

Hot off the Truck: Batman Black & White Action Figure by Jim Lee 2015 SDCC Exclusive


If you are still hunting for the Black and White Jim Lee action figure from this year’s SDCC you are in luck.  It is hot off the truck and available here.  The price isn’t too shabby compared to what its going for on eBay.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon looks like your best bet.  This is a must have for any Jim Lee fan.  Something tells me that if they are that big of a fan, they acquired one already.   (more…)