Pre-Order Now: Star Wars Black Series Waves 5 & 6


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out for a couple of weeks and, as expected, it’s crushing the box office.  Waves 5 and 6 of the Black Series went up for pre-order yesterday and we are now getting non EPVII figures.  The advantage of pre-ordering is you get it before it’s in the big box stores.  They still have parts of wave 1 and 2 warming the pegs as we speak.  Wave 5 is shooting for a January release while wave 6 is due out in February.  It looks like they are starting to double up troopers for you army builders.  We showed images of what is now wave 5 a couple weeks back. If you missed it check it out here.  Also, check out the case breakdowns for waves 5 and 6 below.

Wave 5: (January 2016)

1x Jango Fett (EPII)
1x Captain Phasma (EPVII)
2x First Order Flametrooper (EPVII)
1x Finn FN-2187 (EPVII)
1x Han Solo (EPVII)

Wave 6: (February 2016)

2x First Order Snowtrooper (EPVII)
1x Han Solo (EPVII)
1x Kanan Jarrus (Rebels)
1x Ahsoka Tano (Rebels)
1x Luke Skywalkers (EPIV)

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