Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Funko 2016 SDCC Exclusives Wave 8

Funko announced wave 8 of their SDCC exclusives.  They should call it the Harrison Ford wave.  There will be a Han Solo EPVII and Indiana Jones POP! vinyl figures.  We also get a “Thumbs Up” BB-8 POP!.  This wave is smaller than the previous ones but you can check it out from their blog. (more…)

Entertainment Earth 2016 SDCC Exclusive C-3PO 18-inch Figure from Jakks Pacific


Fresh from the Battle of Takodana, C-3PO sports his recognizable shiny gold finish, along with a red arm he wears to remember the fallen First Order RA-7 protocol droid named Omri.

Measuring 18-inches tall, this is the first Threepio action figure at this scale with his metallic finish. (more…)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series Rey & BB-8 with Lightsaber Variant



I got my most recent shipment of Star Wars 6-inch Black Series, and I noticed something interesting.  Later waves shipping out with Rey and BB-8 now come with Luke’s lightsaber.  I received Wave 1 and 4 and both have the newer Rey variant.  There are obvious reasons that the lightsaber wasn’t included in early figures. (more…)

WTF: Chewbacca Mask Fetching Up To $500 on eBay


The Chewbacca voice changing mask has exploded over the weekend.  After a lady took a video of herself laughing her ass off, people scrambled to retailers to get their hands on one.  If you can find one on the shelves, consider yourself lucky.  A recent listing on eBay went for $500, per MSNBC. (more…)

New Star Wars POPS!


May the 4th be with you.  Funko used Star Wars Day to put a bunch of new POPS! up for pre-order.  Most of the POPS! are from The Force Awakens but we do have a few from the original trilogy.   (more…)