Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman Play Arts Kai Action Figure


The official images of the Play Arts Kai Batman from Batman v Superman have been released.  He is currently up for pre-order for April delivery.  The figure recreates the likeness of Batman’s face to the texture of his body and suit. There are fine details incorporated within the simplicity, and the paintwork makes the care that was put in to the sculpting shine.  Also included are his signature gadgets such as the batarang and grapnel gun, additional hand parts, and display stand.  Check out the gallery below and pre-order here.

bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-001-166210 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-002-166208 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-003-166209 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-005-166211 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-004-166212 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-007-166215 bvs-play-arts-kai-batman-008-166216

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