Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC Collectibles SDCC Toy Preview

Toyark was lucky enough to get these images from twitter user @Blanka1212.  Thanks to them we have a few screen grabs of DC Collectibles SDCC reveals.  They are taken from a video marked “private” and include all to the items that will be on display. (more…)

2016 SDCC Mezco Toyz Preview Night Reveals


In anticipation of tonight’s preview night at SDCC, Mezco Toyz has teased a few of tonights reveals.  I am really glad they decided to invest and expand their One:12 Collective line.  I already have the Batman v Superman Batman One:12, and now it looks like I will get getting the Nightmare Batman as soon as it is up for pre-order.  You can check out their blog and images below. (more…)

Pre-Order Now: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Barbie Dolls


It looks like Ken has some competition.  We saw Wonder Woman at SDCC, and now we get a good look at Batman and Superman.  Up for pre-order, these are due to ship March 1st.  These are your typical Barbies and are labeled for the adult collector. (more…)