2016 Toy Fair: New Star Wars Black Series

Hasbro treated fans at the Toy Fair to new additions to the 6-inch Black Series line.  First, the winner of the fan vote revealed at SDCC was revealed.

 Attendees got to get up close and personal with Revan from the “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” video game.  Evan joins Princess Leia from “A New Hope”, a Snowtrooper from “Empire Strikes Back” and Sabine from season 1 of “Star Wars Rebels”.  We are also going to get “The Force Awakens” C3PO with red arm and an AT-AT Driver.  People are going to start scrambling for R2-D2 from Wave 1 to pair with C3PO.

The group also teased that attendees at this year’s SDCC will get first crack at a “Rogue One” figure, much like last years’ could get first crack at the First Order Stormtrooper.  With so much secrecy around “Rogue One” this figure could be anyone.

Thanks to our friends over at rebelscum for the pictures.

Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-031 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-030 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-029 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-028 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-027 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-026 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-024 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-017 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-016 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-015 Hasbro-2015-International-Toy-Fair-The-Black-Series-014

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