Potential Bounty Hunter Box Spoilers

I got confirmation that my Smuggler’s Bounty box for this month has shipped, but I have yet to receive it.  Searching eBay I came across a potential spoiler.  Potential spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.  The seller is in China, with the teases on Twitter so far, and the timing of the auction, it’s safe bet this will be in the box.  What do you think?  If this is actually in the box, I’ll be pumped.  Check out the images.

s-l1600 s-l1601 s-l1602 s-l1603


  1. Found 2 of the Kmart exclusive Starkiller Kylo Ren didn’t see any Rey. Don’t know how good of a deal it was as Msrp at the Hawaii Kmart was $30 each and avg price on eBay is $38. Bought one with the good box the other one’s box was pretty beat up. Told my daughter to put it back and she further damaged the box by drop kicking it across the store lol


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