Star Wars

New in Package Photos of The Last Jedi Black Series 

As we get closer to Force Friday more pictures like these will be floating around the internet.   This set is photos show us Rey and Luke in their Jedi training gear.  We also get a look at Finn and Kyle Ren.  Finn still looks confused on which side he’s on.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Figures Went for Insane Amount on eBay

Don’t be this guy/gal, this is a toy collector PSA.  I tweeted this the other day and still can’t get over it.  I don’t understand why people pay this much for some thing that is going to be out in a few weeks and probably be readily available at most big boxes.  We can expect more sellers to break the agreement and start listing their figures early.  Don’t be tempted.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny IN STOCK at Hasbro Toy Shop

I was waking home from work and stopped in to Toys R Us and saw three Endor Lieas and three Lieas with Atroo.  What a day to forget my wallet.  I guess I completly forgot to put some behind the counter and tell them I would be right back.  In the short time it took me to get my wallet and come back, they were all gone.

Now they are in stock at Habsro Toy Shop, I’m not taking another chance at missing them.  I would never hear the end of it from my three girls.

They are all in stock at the moment and you can get them here.  I wouldn’t wait.

Hasbro Reveals HasCon 2017 Exclusives

Hasbro is holding their very first con later this fall and today announced some early access and exclusive items from Star Wars, Marvel and more.  Hopefully these will make their way to for all of us who can’t make it to the Con.