MAFEX Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker


Not to be out done by Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts reveal yesterday, Medicom put up images of their upcoming Harley and The Joker.  This will set you back approx. 5,800 Yen each (about $53 USD).

This isn’t the first time seeing the Joker, which is due out this December.  He will come dressed in his purple coat with cain and purple and gold pistol. Harley will follow a month later, coming January 0f 2017.  She will be sporting a gun, baseball bat, and signature mallet.  I like everything about her but her knees.  Figurarts did a better job making them look more natural, and for a cheaper price I believe. They will both include two interchangeable head sculpts. Check out the photos.

Update 5/25: Entertainment Earth has them up for pre-oder.

Harley Quinn


MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-001 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-002 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-003 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-004 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-005 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-006 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-007 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-008 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-009 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-Harley-Quinn-010 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-001 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-002 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-003 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-004 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-005 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-006 MAFEX-Suicide-Squad-The-Joker-007

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