Spoilers: Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace Box

Our friends over at Funko have a spoiler video out for this month’s Jabba’s Palace box. 

You know the routine by now, if you want to be suprised, stop now.  If you can’t wait for your box or want to know what you missed, continue reading.

Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

So Funko is debuting a few new product lines, much like the recent Suicide Squad box.  We also get some of the expected items, like the patch and pin.  

Last chance, here we go…

One of Funko’s new product lines is POP! Plushes.  These are suppose look more like their POP! counterpart and not Mopeez.  I really don’t see a difference.  

A cool new Jabba POP! Mug to add to my morning coffee rotation.

Another new product is POP! Tops.  Funko is adding to their popular apparel line with snap back hats.  This is a much welcome change to the collection of Tees I’m getting.

And finally the POP!
You can check out the whole unboxing video below.  

The next Smuggler’s Bounty box theme is Death Star.

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