Trending: McFarlane Toys Glenn Rhee Action Figure

In light of last nights events in last night’s season premiere, some Walking Dead action figures are on the rise.  Like anything of this nature, the key is to act fast.  If you haven’t seen last nights episode there are spoilers ahead.  

Last night we got not one, but two major deaths.  Abraham and Glenn were the two unfortunate souls who had a meeting with Lucile.  As a result, a couple of Glenn figures have already gone for around $40.  Not a bad way to double your money if you still have one.  Glenn was released way back in series 5 and comes with an alternate head sculpt showing the results of his meeting with Meryl.  McFarlane already release a disembowled Dale, so a bashed in Glenn is a very good possibility in the future.


Abraham isn’t getting as much love on the secondary market it seems.  Glenn has been there since the beginning and has created a huge fan base so there will always be more demand for him.  I am curious to see who else will have a bad run in with Lucile in the upcoming season.

Negan is also going to be huge at Halloween and Cons this year.


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