The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead ‘Shiva Force’ Comic Con Exclusive Action Figures with the latest Walking Dead 2017 SDCC exclusive:

Shiva is finally getting the action-figure treatment she deserves for fans of The Walking Dead! Not only is Shiva headed to San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive collectible figure but the loyal tiger will be joined by more members of Team Alexandria as see in The Walking Dead comics.

Included in the epic San Diego Comic Con exclusive four pack are Kingdom leader King Ezekiel, along with Alexandria leader Rick Grimes, and the tremendously tough Michonne. The figures were unveiled on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by a commercial themed to the 80s. Check out the commercial above!

The four-pack of figures will be the biggest draw for collectors and fans of The Walking Dead series. It is called, “The Shiva Force Four-Pack.” Not included in the set but also coming available will be a Shiva Force themed Paul “Jesus” Monroe figure. The figure will be included in Skybound’s next quarterly mystery box which is available under the name, “The MegaBox,” which is available from the MegaBox website. (more…)


New Photos of The Walking Dead TV Series Aaron Figure by McFarlane Toys


Good-natured and adventurous, made Aaron the ideal choice to be Alexandria’s recruiter.  Despite the harsh and un-trusting reaction he received from initial contact of Rick’s group, he saw the good that can come out of even the roughest members.  He knew Alexandria needed Rick if they planned to stay alive.  Aaron was not only correct in his judgement but became a valued and trusted individual with the survivors, which helped lead them and Alexandria into a whole new world. (more…)

New Walking Dead POP! Vinyl Figures


Some new POPS! from The Walking Dead went up for pre-order today.  Depicting events from season 6 the new POPS! include Carl Grimes, Gabriel, Jesus, Negan, Rosita, and Daryl with rocket launcher.  We still have to wait another month to find out who was at the bloody end of Lucile, but you can get caught up on season 6 on Netflix Sept 15.   (more…)

The Walking Dead Comic Series 5 Action Figures


Based off the Image Comics version of The Walking Dead comes this Walking Dead Comic Series 5 Action Figure Case! Featuring a wide array of accessories, each 5-inch figure is incredibly well detailed and looks like it came directly out of the comic book. Series 5 features Negan (Imprisoned Version), Glenn, Shane, Lydia! (more…)