The Must Have Toy This Holiday Season


If you were wondering what all the soccer moms were doing camping outside of Toys R Us, they are looking to snag this year’s hottest toy, Hatchimals.  This hot item sold out quickly and Toys R Us was rumored to have more stock hit shelves today.  I haven’t been lucky enough to see one in the wild yet but they are already well over $100 on eBay.  

Hatchimals are interactive magical creatures inside eggs, and each egg comes with one of two adorable plush Hatchimals. The question is, which one is inside? It’s a surprise! Care for them, and with your love and help they will hatch.  Measures 10-inches tall x 8-inches long x 5 3/4-inches wide. This Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg Electronic Plush requires 2x “AA” batteries, included.

Check out the full set of Hatchimals to be on the look out for.

Pengualas Teal Egg


Pengualas Pink Egg


Draggles Green Egg


Draggles Purple Egg



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