Toys R Us

Don’t Call It a Comeback! Toys R’ Us Returning As Geoffrey’s Toy Box?

After several rumors and reports were swirling around last week, it seems Toys R Us is making a comeback, sort of.  A press release from Geoffrey LLC went out last week basically saying they were acquiring everything as far as branding and intellectually property associated with Toys R Us and Baby R Us.

So, while everyone was distracted at NYCC, Geoffrey was over at the Fall Toy Preview in Dallas wearing a cape saying he was “back from vacation”.  He was working at a booth aptly named “Geoffrey’s Toy Box”.

After reaching out to a few people there, the plan is to open locations under the “Geoffrey’s Toy Box” by the Holidays of this year. That already being a tall order, these new shops will be done as a “shop-within-a-shop” concept.  So, they are basically opening mini-locations within larger retail stores for the Holidays.  Much like KB toys was rumored to do earlier, or how a “Toy City” inside of Party City was talked about.



Toys R Us Liquidation Sale 30%-50% Store wide

Toys R Us tweeted an update about their liquidation sale currently going one.  Now might be your last chance to snag those big ticket items you’ve been waiting on.


Toys R Us Liquidation Sale Starts Tomorrow! (Thursday)

While the chain has already begun closing stores, the remaining locations will begin holding going-out-of-business sales on Thursday, March 22, according to USA Today.  They plan to hold the sales until June, or until inventory runs out.  The company’s distribution centers, which supply the stores, will close before the stores do.  Some big names manufacturers, such as LEGO and Mattel, have filed objections and are already pulling their stock so it wont be part of the liquidation.