More Images of Michael Keaton’s Vulture Marvel Legends Figure



The Spider-Man Homecoming trailer dropped over the weekend and so did some new images of Michael Keaton’s Marvel Legends Vulture figure.  Judging by the size and details of the wings, this looks to be a solo release, not part of any wave.  I also assume it will be available around the release of the new movie.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture is the first reveal from a completely new wave of Spider-Man Legends figures. CBR calls the “Vultue Flight Gear” the Build-a-Figure component of the wave, suggesting that the Vulture will ship as an individually carded figure, while parts of his wings will come packed in with him and the rest of the figures in the wave.

Vulture will reportedly not come with a separate Keaton head sculpt, so the helmeted look is what you’ll be getting. And the wings will feature 12 points of articulation on their own. Impressive!

2017-marvel-legends-vulture-build-a-figure-640x310 back-of-marvel-legends-spider-man-homecoming-vulture-build-a-figure-640x401 marvel-legends-vulture-build-a-figure-close-up


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