NES Classic Back In Stock At GameStop This Week

The NES Classic remains a hard-to-find system, as retailers basically everywhere are sold out. You might have another chance at getting one this week, as GameStop has announced that it’s getting new shipments of the system in this week at its US stores, beginning today.

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There will only be a “limited number of units” available, a GameStop representative said. Additionally, shoppers can only purchase one unit. A GameStop sales associate at one store told GameSpot that its shipments are usually only two systems at a time and they sell right away.

If you haven’t managed to snag a Nintendo Classic yet, rest assured that more units are on the way. A series of tweets from Nintendo in November indicate that retailers will be receiving a steady flow of consoles this year. Hopefully, everyone will get a chance to buy a NES Classic before the snow begins to thaw.

If you really can’t wait, there is always eBay and Amazon.

The $60 NES Classic launched in November and sold out almost immediately, in part because Nintendo underestimated the demand. The console comes with 30 games, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, and Castlevania.


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