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New NECA Items in Stock at Their eBay & Amazon Stores

Some new items have made there way to NECA’s eBay and Amazon Stores over the past week.  The highly sought after Raincoat Coraline Doll is back in stock, as well as a few new Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street ultimates.

Other in stock items include the 1/4 scale and 7 inch Kratos, 1/4 scale Homecoming Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Future Robocop.

I know I missed something so be sure to check out everything here (eBay Amazon).   (more…)

Spotted in the Wild: Shuri & Klaw Marvel Legends 2-Pack Toys R Us Exclusive

These were just released and have already been spotted on shelves. This Toys R Us exclusive 2 pack features comic versions of Klaw and Shuri. They are already popping up on eBay for way over retail. As always, be patient and you’ll get one sooner or later for retail. (more…)

Deadpool Duck Walgreens Exclusive POP! In Stock

This is a POP! that people were looking forward to since the day it was revealed.  It now looks like it is actually in stock at  Just a heads up, it is only available online and will not be sold in stores.  There is a limit of two and suggest you order that limit, you pay the same shipping either way.


Star Wars Forces of Destiny IN STOCK at Hasbro Toy Shop

I was waking home from work and stopped in to Toys R Us and saw three Endor Lieas and three Lieas with Atroo.  What a day to forget my wallet.  I guess I completly forgot to put some behind the counter and tell them I would be right back.  In the short time it took me to get my wallet and come back, they were all gone.

Now they are in stock at Habsro Toy Shop, I’m not taking another chance at missing them.  I would never hear the end of it from my three girls.

They are all in stock at the moment and you can get them here.  I wouldn’t wait.