Emerald City Comicon 2017 Reveals: Wave One!


Sorry we have been away for awhile, I was laid up sick all weekend.  When I took this job in Seattle, one of the things I was looking forward to most was getting to go ECCC.  But, my first year here I am going to have to miss it.  It just so happens that it falls on my son’s birthday so I will be going back to Houston to celebrate with him.

Since I can’t make it, maybe some of my friends over at Funko will save me a couple.  Wink. Wink.

Also they are doing a raffle system just like NYCC.  I never made it through the lottery, but was able to get a chance at the exclusives after all the lottery appointments each day.

Here’s Part One of our reveals for ECCC 2017!

Don’t forget that you must enter this online raffle in order to win a priority ticket with a reserved time to visit the Funko booth at ECCC!A list of shared exclusives will be announced the week of the show!

Hikari: Power Rangers – Jade Megazord (GITD / 250pc LE)

Dorbz Ridez: The Flintstones – The Great Gazoo with Flying Saucer

Dorbz: Classic Green Arrow & Black Canary 2-pack

Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty – Buff Rick & Summer 2-pack

Pop! Animation: Looney Tunes – Michigan J. Frog

Pop! Muppets: Superhero Kermit

Pop! Animation: Peanuts – Peppermint Patty

Pop! Animation: Scooby Doo – The Creeper

Pop! ECCC: Emerald City Crusador (GITD)

Catch Part Two of our ECCC reveals on Thursday!

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