NECA Update


NECA had another great week as far as reveals and pre-orders.  One of the topics creating the biggest buzz is the 30th anniversary of the original Predator film, and how NECA will be offering a special assortment of figures. There will be seven in total, with a mix of reissues and updated figures. We know that the Jungle Demon Predator is part of the assortment. We also knew that at least one Dutch figure. NECA has revealed the first image, showing their Jungle Patrol Dutch 7″ Scale Figure. 


is the re-release of Dutch and other figures for the 30th anniversary of Predator.  If you missed out on the first one, like me, here is your second chance.  We also got glimpses of the Demon Predator at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this week.  He is also expected to be released with the rest of the Predator 30th anniversary series.

When NECA revealed their latest series of Rocky figures, some twitter exchanges between NECA and Carl Weathers about the possibility of his Predator character joining the line up.  NECA broke our hearts and also said there will not be any of Dutch’s team members from the film.

Other images from the Nuremberg Toy Fair show us Ultimate Gizmo in package as well as a few other upcoming NECA releases.

nuremberg-toy-fair-2017-neca-006 nuremberg-toy-fair-2017-neca-005 nuremberg-toy-fair-2017-neca-007 nuremberg-toy-fair-2017-neca-004

Friday the 13th Part 4 Ultimate Jason went up for pre-order this week.  NECA always brings their A game with the accessories and I am really loving his mom’s head stone.  It will go nicely with Jason’s in a little graveyard diorama.

friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-009 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-008 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-007 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-006 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-005 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-004 friday-the-13th-part-4-ultimate-jason-001

Shin Godzilla also went up for pre-order this week.  He was revealed at the movie premiere around NYCC this past year.  He is defiantly going to be a late birthday present for my son who loves all things Godzilla.


Also, this week the NECA warehouse is shipping out the new Ultimate City Hunter from Predator 2 – look for it on shelves soon.


Thanks to SpaceFiguren and for the images.

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