Does Iron Man Get a Shiny New Suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming?


Hasbro released their official promotional photos of their 2017 New York Toy Fair reveals and it looks like Iron Man will be getting a new suit.  It is part of a Marvel Legends 2-pack for the upcoming film.  Iron Man seems to be ditching his standard hot rod red and gold combo for a heavy grey center.   Does he feel bad about what happened to War Machine in Civil War, and decided to take on some of his responsibility.  Or does Marvel Studios like the Utimate Comic version better.  Either way Marvel Legends collectors will have a new suit to add to their hall of armor.


No word when to expect this on shelves, but I am going to assume around the release of the movie.

spd-6-inch-legends-movie-2-pack_iron_man_ spd-6-inch-legends-movie-2-pack_spider_man

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