Funko Gets You Ready for Inhumans With POPS! & Plushie

Thor: Ragnarok will be Marvel’s focus after Spider-Man: Homecoming’s stellar opening this last weekend.  Another Marvel property hitting the big and small screens is the Inhumans.  Black Bolt is already out there but now Funko is bringing us the rest of the royal family.  And Lockjaw fans are in for a treat.  

The pet and escort to the Inhumans
is now joining the Funko family!
Lockjaw, the massive, teleporting bulldog is
now a soft and adorable 5 ” plushie.

Having the ability to teleport himself and others,
Lockjaw is the perfect addition to your collection!

Why wouldn’t you want a giant bulldog at your side?

Can’t get enough of Lockjaw?
A 12” version of Lockjaw can be found only at Toys “R” Us!

Coming in September!

Pop! Marvel: Inhumans

Some of the latest editions to the Funko family are from
the upcoming television series Inhumans, premiering this fall on ABC.

This series includes Lockjaw the enormous, teleporting bulldog,
and the super-villain Maximus receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment.

Add these superhumans to your collection this Summer!

In addition, be on the lookout for Medusa,
exclusively available at Hot Topic!

Coming in August!

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