In Package Photos of Marvel Legends Marvel Knights Wave 1 (Man Thing BAF)

MFCT Marvel, DC… posted some in package photos of the up coming Marvel Knights Wave of Marvel Legends on their Facebook page.  The Man Thing BAF Wave include Netflix versions of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Elektra and The Punisher.  The set will also include comic versions of Bullseye and Blade.

Funko 2017 SDCC Exclusives Wave 3: Marvel

Our San Diego Comic Con exclusives for Marvel include some of your comic book favorites and one major big screen personality!
Gwen pool busts out her selfie stick and also joins the Rock Candy family, while Red She-Hulk & Bucky Cap both make their Funko debut!

We also have Tony Stark showing off his snazzy street style while holding a familiar helmet!

Hasbro SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends 12-Inch Daredevil

Images of Hasbro’s new 12-inch Marvel Legends leaked online a few months ago.  Daredevil was one of those and we now know, thanks to Yahoo TV, that he is in fact an exclusive for this year’s SDCC.   The deluxe style packaging features new artwork by Joe Quesada as well as braille writing on the back of the box. There are also two posters inside the box (top picture).  Daredevil will include masked and unmasked head sculpts, a cowl accessory, multiple interchangeable hands and a billy club.

The $59.99 figure will be available to Comic-Con fans at the toy maker’s booth during show hours from July 20-23. Afterward, a limited number will be sold at (more…)

Unboxed: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Collector Corps Box

Funko posted their unboxing video of their Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Collector Corps box.  They also revealed the next box’s theme, Spider-man Homecoming.  The POP! in the box is no surprise but the other contents, again, make up for my harsh words about the Rocket Raccoon POP!.  Spoilers ahead. (more…)