A List of Funko’s Shared 2018 ECCC Exclusives

Here’s the long-awaited list of shared ECCC exclusives!

Keep an eye on Funko.com/ECCC for updates!


Moana – Maui with Shark Head Pop!
Saga – Mourning Prince Robot IV Pop!
Care Bears – Flocked Good Luck Bear Pop!
Box Lunch
Toy Story – Army Man Pop!
The Life Aquatic – Steve & Ned Vynl.
Masters of the Universe – Sorceress & Beast Man Vynl.
DC Bombshells – Poison Ivy Rock Candy
Game of Thrones – 6” Giant Wight Pop!
Cuphead – Cagney Carnation Pop!
Star Wars – Padme Pop!
Stranger Things – 8-bit Barb Pop!
Ahsoka Galactic Plushies (also HerUniverse)
Rick & Morty – Alien Head Rick Pop!
Rick & Morty – Alien Head Morty Pop!
Parks & Rec 2-pack Pop!s
Doctor Who – Amy Pond Pop!
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Yondu Pop!
Marvel – Lawyer She-Hulk Pop!
Marvel – Deadpool the Duck Dorbz
Freddy Funko Alternate Uniform Pop!
Flocked Sasquatch Pop!
Mad Max – Rictus Erectus Pop!
DC – Ace & Krypto Dorbz 2-pack
Emerald Chrome Batman Pop!
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Gideon & Ramona Pop! 2-pack

Spastik Plastik – Blue Pulpo Pop!

Happy Hunting!

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